Data Analytics !!!

Machine Learning Implementation, Cloud ML Implementation, POC Development Services

What do we do?

HR Analytics

Want to model and analyse employee-related data to improve business outcomes? This is termed as HR Analytics, sometimes it is referred to as Talent Analytics or People or Workforce Analytics

E-Commerce Analytics

Getting insight of your E-Commerce Services and increasing revenue is the goal. Connect us to propose the best solution for E-Commerce Analytics or integration of Google Analytics/Facebook Integration or may be you want E-Marketing Analytics to be included.

Procurement & Spend Analytics

The process of implementing quantitative methods to extract actionable insights and outcomes from data. Connect us to analyse your inventory or sales data to analyse and curate fantastic dashboard. Connect us to incorporate a specially crafted dashboard to sky rocket your business.

Financial Analytics

Financial Dashboard is the most important one for any business. Generate Insight and forecast. Connect us to analyse your requirement and curate the Dashboard

Training Analytics

If you have a L n D section and want a beautifully crafted Dashboard which can identify the training needs and forecast the productivity of your employee. Connect us.

Analytic Dashboard Management

There are 4 types of Analytics. Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. Whatever might be your requirement, connect us to curate one.

Our Skillset and the Technology Eco-System we use

  • Pytorch

  • Tensorflow

  • Keras

  • Django

  • Flask

  • Data Visualization

    Analysing and Visualizing the data you capture is the key to generate a good business outcome. We analyse and consult the visualization, so that you get most out of it

  • Licensing Requirement Analysis

    Get the licensing requirement planning to us, so that we can speak with the vendor and provide you best solution

  • Smartest way to design the Dashboard

    We believe in Agile Philosophy. Step by step we analyse and prepare the visualization dashboard

  • Enhancement of Existing Dot Net Projects

    You have a Dot Net based Project or Product. Want to enhance it's functionality with Machine Learning or Deep Learning? Drop us a line?

  • Azure based Software Development with AI/ML enablement

    Azure has become one of the most popoular cloud technology in the globe. We can develop those features for you

  • Azure ML Studio

    Azure ML Studio is one of the best tool ever discovered to make ML enablement easier.

R Studio

The oldest tool in the analytic market. We also have made our hand dirty with this tool.


Our team has started playing with C# from 2006 and feel comfortable with C#. So, using C# ML is the easiest job we can take care.

Python and Libraries

We have implemented different Libraries in different situations. Our target is to make the analysis more precise to understand the insight of your business

Cloud ML Tools

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