Agile and It’s Frameworks with DevOps

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    Agitechavids Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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    Agile and It’s Frameworks with DevOps


This Non-Certification Training will help you to start your journey to be agile. Walking through the philosophy of being Agile  and understanding it's principles is a must. Along with Agile you need to understand the DevOps culture and the tools which you can try and make provision in your development practices will help you to take decisions properly. 

The co-learning approach of managing interactive learning methodology will help you to feel the philosophy of project management  

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     1. Printed Material

   2. Knowledge Enhancement and practical use of it

      3. Know about certification paths

      4. Verifiable Certificate

      5. Meal and Enjoyment

      6. Special  Grooming  

  1. What Agile means?
  2. Agile Manifesto
  3. Agile Frameworks
  4. Lean/Kanban
  5. Agile Estimation
  6. Scrum in depth
  7. DevOps culture
  8. DevOps practices
  9. DevOps Tools
  10. Azure DevOps as a Tool
  11. Workshop Retrospective

1. Technology Leads

2. Software Professionals

3. Project Leads/Delivery Manager/Project Managers/Product Managers

4. Program Managers/CEOs

Waterfall or Spiral model of Developing Software is passé. People are fighting to move to "No Estimate" methods. Agile Philosophy and Devops Culture is booming. In this scenario to escalate your potential is essential. The philosophy, culture, practices and tools have been kept in mind while designing this workshop. This will help participants to learn the said topics in depth.

Do I need to know the basic programs before joining this course?

  • No

Will I get any Certificate?

  • Yes. The certificate will have a number. Your prospective employer/university can verify that certificate

Do I need to pay the amount in one go?

  • Yes. As it is a 3 days course. Payment must be made in advanced. If you make the payment with Credit Card, you can speak with your bank for EMIs

Is Agitechavids Learning a reputed organization?

  • Yes. It is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.




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