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    Certified Scrum Product Owner


CSPO or Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is your first step on the path of becoming more Agile and master Scrum. Since product owners are closest to the "business side" of the project which makes them more accountable for the investments and ROI's, this two-day certification and training provides with a level of knowledge and expertise that is much above and beyond that of a typical project managers. It helps them define their product backlog and priorities better, ensure that the team is well-versed with the requirement and get the work done within the defined timeliness.

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  • Strong knowledge base and basics of Scrum
  •  Better product vision
  •  Modulating development team
  •  Practical approach to Scrum concepts
  •  Better product estimation
  •  Ways to extract effective ROI's from backlog.
  •  Build self-organized teams

  • Brief understanding of Agile as a philosophy, and adaptiveness to change is the only prerequisite for this course

    • General Knowledge: Understand Agile principles, values and practices. Scrum Basics: Understand Scrum Flow, the core components of the Scrum framework, and the Scrum vocabulary, the principles/legs of empirical process control and the work culture Scrum creates.
    • Scrum Roles & Responsibilities: Understand the role of a scrum master and a product owner and why there is no such designation like an Agile product manager or Scrum team manager .
    • Product Vision: Understand the purpose of the product to be created or enhanced, how to present this •vision to the scrum team for better understanding and understand why vision is important for backlog creation and refinement
    • Product Backlog: Understand how to manage the product backlog for smooth delivery of the product. how each sprint looks on stories ahead and how to provide necessary download to the team lust in Time.
    • Prioritizing and Release Management: Understand how to prioritize backlog items and user stories based on its urgency and ROI and other criteria that should be taken into consideration for current and long-term planning. Also, how managing prioritization affects tracking and forecasting for release
    • management. Ceremonies: Understand Scrum ceremonies like daily stand-up, retrospectives, sprint planning meetings and their time limits. Also, including their significance and various techniques that a Scrum team can employ to achieve the objectives of the meeting.

    • Do X receive PDU credits for a CSPO Course?
       Yes, you'll have to follow PMI's procedure

    •  Do I have to take a course to be a CSPO? 

     Certainly, there can be no alternative for a qualitative, in-person training from a qualified instructor who has many years of experience in Agile coaching.

    • Who should attend:
       Business Managers

       IT Leadership

       IT Managers

       Business Managers

       Product Manager

       Product Owner


       Business Analyst

    HTML 5

    CSS 3


    Bootstrap 3

    Social Media