Data Analytics with R

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    Data Analytics with R


One of the most widely accepted high-level language is R. It is an interpreted general-purpose language with rich set of libraries. It is now has become very famous due to the presence of Data Science related libraries. This workshop will guide you through the world of R.

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     1. Learning Python in Depth
     2. Code Samples
  3. Continuous Support

R For Data Science


1.       Basics of R Programming

 a.       Overview of R Programming

 b.       Installing and Using R Studio

 c.       Basic Syntax

 d.       Including Other Libraries (Covers Libraries can be utilized)

2.       Exploring Data with R

 a.       Introduction

 b.       Data Visualization

 c.       Workflow Basics

 d.       Data Transformation

 e.       EDA Basics

 f.       EDA with Sample Data Set

3.       Data Wrangling

 a.       Overview

 b.       Tibbles

 c.       Importing Data

 d.       String

 e.       Factors

 f.       Date and Time

4.       Programming

 a.       Overview

 b.       Pipes

 c.       Functions

 d.       Vectors

 e.       Iteration

5.       Communications

 a.       Overview

 b.       R Markdown

 c.       Graphics for Communication

 d.       Markdown Format

 e.       Markdown Workflow

6.       Data Scrapping

7.       Functional Understanding of GIT

1. Any Computer Science Student, like Diploma Students/BCA/B.TECH/MCA etc.
2. Any professional working with web applications

R has a simple syntax that makes it suitable for learning programming as a first language. The learning curve is smoother like other languages such as Python, which quickly requires learning about Data. 

Do I need to know the basic programs before joining this course?

Will I get any Certificate?
Yes. The certificate will have a number. Your prospective employer/university can verify that certificate

Do I need to pay any amount?
No. But if you want certificate, then you need to complete and upload the project in our portal. For evaluation and hard copy certificate you need to pay the amount mentioned in your panel.




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