Data Structures and Algorithms in C

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    Agitechavids Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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    Data Structures and Algorithms in C


Being a Language Programmer is a passion or a job of choice. To be a software engineer you must have a good familiarity of Programming, Algorithms, Data Structure etc.  You can design eye catchy System but knowing some theoretical aspects will help you a lot to author and debug the Code properly.

You must start somewhere to make this journey pleasing and soothing. Our initiative is to simulate an environment where learning would be a fun and you can go ahead with the learning.  

This 5-day event is helpful for you, if you are a fresher or doing your computer science course or you have just joined in one organization and struggling with front end development.

Don't think too much, just go for it.  

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1.     Sample Programs

2.     Developing Projects with latest IDE

3.     Understanding Algorithms

4.     Product Development Idea

5.     Prizes & Goodies

  • Loop and Conditional Statements
  • Function Call
  • Dealing with Array
  • Pointer
  • File Handling
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures-1
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures-2
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures-3
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures-4
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures-5
  • Dealing with Advanced Data Structures- 6

1. Any Computer Science Student, like Diploma Students/BCA/MCA etc.

Visiting a website inspires you to be a Programmer? Are you doing any computer related course and want to learn and make your career as a Programmer? This course is designed for you with our 16+ years industry experience. If you are a Programmer and facing some conceptual hindrances, join this Master Class.

Just powering up editor of your choice and writing codes and putting code from Internet cannot make you a pro. You need to understand some tricks and implement those. This Master Class will help you to understand those and be a pro.

After completion of the learning phase you need to develop a Project and nominate yourself for a job offer. So many goodies and prizes to be won.

Do I need to know the basic programs before joining this course?

  • No

Will I get any Certificate?

  • Yes. The certificate will have a number. Your prospective employer/university can verify that certificate

Do I need to pay the amount in one go?

  • Yes. As it is a 5 days course. Payment must be made in advanced. If you make the payment with Credit Card, you can speak with your bank for EMIs

Is Agitechavids Learning a reputed organization?

  • Yes. It is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.




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