Robotic Process Automation in Practice

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    Agitechavids Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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    Robotic Process Automation in Practice


Programming is not my cup of tea. Will I be able to learn RPA? Look no further, join the RPA workshop to learn how you can automate the common tasks and implement in your daily works.  This course purely focuses on the automation of repetitive tasks with UiPath

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·         Online Code Samples

·         Knowledge about latest programming paradigm with Cloud Computing technology

·         E-Materials

●RPA Basics
●UiPath Recording
●UiPath Data Scrapping
●UiPath Excel Data Management
●UiPath PDF Data Extraction
●UiPath Email Handling
●Database Management with UiPath
●Developing Library and NuGet Package with UiPath
●UiPath Global Error Handler
●State Machine Automation
●UiPath Orchestrator
●Important Activities
●Automation Anywhere Basics
●Architechture of Automation Anywhere
●Installation of Automation Anywhere
●Developing First Program and Basics
●Scheduling Tasks
●Playing with Excel
●Working with Text/CSV
●Working with Email
●Working with PDF Files
●Web Recorder
●Smart Recorder
●Screen Recorder
●Object Cloning in Automation Anywhere
●IQ Bots
●File Management with Automation Anywhere
●Exception Handling
●Database Management with Automation Anywhere
●Web Service Management with Automation Anywhere
●Managing OCR with Automation Anywhere

  1. Computer Science and IT Students
  2. Job Seekers from the IT/CS background
  3. Software Product Managers 
  4. Program Managers
  5. CEO/CFO/HR Directors

RPA processes any labor-intensive tasks and can be used to automate workflow, infrastructure, back office process.  These software bots can interact with an in-house application, website, user portal, etc. The RPA is a software program which runs on an end user's pc, laptop or mobile device. It is a sequence of commands which are executed by Bots under some defined set of business rules.

Do I need to know the basic programs before joining this course?

  • No

Will I get any Certificate?

  • Yes. The certificate will have a number. Your prospective employer/university can verify that certificate

Do I need to pay the amount in one go?

  • Yes. As it is a 3 days course. Payment must be made in advanced. If you make the payment with Credit Card, you can speak with your bank for EMIs

Is Agitechavids Learning a reputed organization?

  • Yes. It is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.




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