Robotic Process Automation (RPA) !!!

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What do we do?

RPA Consulting

RPA Consulting or Robotics Process Automation Consulting is yet another interesting area of Consulting offering from Agitechavids. If you are struggling with repetative jobs, Process Automation is the solution. To implement Process Automation you should hire a consultant to identify pain areas and implement a bot to serve your need.

Implementation of Robots

Identifying pain areas and preparation of a comprehensive report is our first job. But what next? If you want to do a pilot execution or implement the robot to serve your need, our team can develop the bot for you. Robots are the next generation automation technology and going to rule the industry.

Process Engineering

You have developed so many verticals and all are giving good business. But no one is following a process. Evreything is in mess. To overcome and make everything in line, you need the process to be engineered. Connect us to get the process in flow. It will help you to decrease the head count and improve the business outcome.

RPA Case Studies

Accounts Department

Consider the scenario, an accounts executive is picking up PF number from the excel file and putting the number in Provident Fund Submission software and then again picking up the amount and again putting that in the software and finally clicking submit button. Finally the Profident Fund Software is generating a number and your accounts executive is saving that number in that excel. Again taking second employee details and so on. This can be done by a robot. Save that person's time and let hime/her perform better

Recruitment Department

Shruti is the executive finds good resume with certain skill set from job portals and save the data in excel file. Then she performs some manipulation in the excel file. This job can be done by a robot for example.

College or Universities

Different faculty members prepare excel sheets and mails those to admin member of your college or university. The Admin team member picks each student's marks from each subject's excel file and then puts those in SAP software of the college/university. S/he spend a whole lot of time with this tedious job. RPA is the solution. Don't think too much.... Go for it.

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